New Relationships – Next Phase for Listening Sessions

Merrimack Energy Listening Session at Able Ebenezer

In January of 2017, the NH’s Energy Future is Now partners collaborated with the Merrimack Chamber of Commerce, holding a Listening Session together at the Able Ebenezer brewery in Merrimack. This collaboration brought together a group more oriented toward the needs of business owners, while still engaging a diverse range of interests in the conversation. This slightly modified approach was encouraging and will be one of the approaches we take moving forward.

“I was invited by Kate Epsen of NH Clean Tech Council to attend a Listening Session in a neighboring town. I was not able to attend, so I asked if we could host a similar event in Merrimack. The energy crisis affects all of our members on some level, and is beginning to cause real concern for those looking to expand or open a business in this state. As a Chamber of Commerce, it is our responsibility to make information available to our members, and to give members the opportunity to voice concerns to local government officials. This listening session opened a dialogue, increased awareness, and gave people a venue to connect with those who will be making decisions regarding this and other issues at the State House.”

Dawn Shepard, President, Merrimack Chamber of Commerce

Dawn Shepard, President, Merrimack Chamber of Commerce
Co-host of January 2017 Listening Session held at Able Ebenezer Brewery