Core Elements of a Successful Efficiency Policy

Solar Array in Sandwich, NH

A Clear Mandate

  • Buy efficiency wherever it is less expensive than supply
  • Make efficiency the state’s “first fuel”

A funding mechanism to support that mandate

  • Provide the resources to acquire the cost-effective efficiency
  • Recognize that bills matter more than rates
  • But consider short-term rate impacts

A multi-year commitment

  • Multi-year planning and budgeting cycle
  • Funding predictability enables businesses to invest and grow

“Hearing the stories from around our state it became absolutely clear that people not only want control over their lives, they want control over their energy bills and want the freedom to make new energy choices. Choices like using solar energy, LEDs, batteries–choices that give them more control, and also real dollar savings. It is great to see the momentum to move our state to sensible policies that enable these values and allow us to better control our energy future.”

Kate Epsen - Executive Director, NHSEA, NH CleanTech Council

Kate Epsen
Executive Director, NHSEA, NH CleanTech Council