New Hampshire’s Electricity Markets: Natural Gas, Renewable Energy, and Energy Efficiency

March 7, 2017
Cameron Wake, Matt Magnusson, Christine Foreman, and Fiona Wilson

To better understand the opportunities and challenges for New Hampshire’s energy future resulting from emerging trends in the supply and demand for energy, the New Hampshire Chapter of The Nature Conservancy and the New Hampshire Community Finance Development Authority engaged the University of New Hampshire to perform a rigorous and impartial study that examines the current and potential future of New Hampshire’s energy system. Guided by a diverse advisory board, this study investigates emerging global and national trends in energy markets, analyzes the current context and future choices regarding the New Hampshire and New England electrical energy system, and develops recommendations for policy options that benefit both energy security and affordability for New Hampshire.

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By making the right choices in our energy investments, we can ensure a better energy future for New Hampshire.

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