Pipelines and Electric Bills

March 17, 2017
Maureen D. Smith

The ongoing debate over how New Hampshire can help businesses reduce their energy costs may become more heated as a result of a new study just released by the University of New Hampshire.

The study warns that New Hampshire electric customers could see their bills increase over time if they are asked to pay for interstate pipelines that would bring more natural gas into New England. Alternatives like energy efficiency, renewables and energy market adjustments are shown to provide better returns with less risk to ratepayers.

“New Hampshire’s Electricity Markets: Natural Gas, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency” comes on the heels of a novel and arguably risky proposal that would allow electric distribution companies to purchase natural gas capacity, recover the costs of these purchases from ratepayers, and then release the gas into the market in order to bring electricity prices down and provide price relief to electric customers.

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Pipelines and Electric Bills by Maureen D. Smith