Worthen Industries

Worthen Industries is a family-owned business in Nashua, N.H. manufacturing specialty adhesives, coatings, coated products, and thermoplastic extrusion. In addition to clean energy efficiency projects, Worthen is proud to support the drive to a clean energy economy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan by supporting the plan to reduce carbon pollution from existing power plants.

  • Worthen Industries - Nashua, NH
  • Worthen Industries - Nashua, NH

“A lot of the energy projects we have done, have been relatively small, but provide real economic benefit to us. We changed over light systems to LED with motion detectors in them, we have insulated parts of the building that really didn’t have much insulation. Our most recent and biggest project is the insulation of 2,700 solar panels totaling 80 square feet on our building in Nashua. We will produce a little under 50% of the electricity we use. We are looking at a payback in about a five-year range. We really don’t know what’s going to happen with electricity. The North – east really has issues with electricity cost and installing solar panels is one way to make that a little more financially comfortable for the company. We are fortunate enough to have the funds to do that, and that is a substantial amount of money that will come through here through energy savings. We want to be around for another hundred and fifty years and how do we figure out ways to do that. Long term investment in the company is very important. We want to grow and continue. The best way we do that is to make products efficiently, to use less energy and create less waste. Those are all benefits for a lot of reasons.”

David Worthen, President, Worthen Industries
Attended May 6, 2016 Listening Session at New Hampshire Institute of Politics in Manchester.