Kevin Smith, Londonderry Town Manager

We knew we could achieve energy savings by doing this initial energy efficient project, and we wanted to help the environment. We wanted to have a smaller carbon footprint. There was a small investment up front, we did receive a rebate from Eversource so there was an incentive to do the project. I think there is a need to diversify where we get our energy from. New Hampshire is known as having very costly energy. I think as a state we need to have a really comprehensive, energy plan that is an energy diverse plan. We also need to do a good job about spreading the word about simple things that can be done, that will both bring our energy reliance down but at the same time, saving money by doing so. We are one small blip on the radar screen in New Hampshire but we think we are doing what we can to play our part in the state to make us more energy efficient. We feel we are doing right by the taxpayers, saving them more money in the long run. We are doing our small part here in Londonderry and if more municipalities follow, it could be a
trend statewide.